Hua Hin’s History

Shortly after world war 1, 1920’s, since the Southern Railway road was constructed giving people the opportunity to travel around the Kingdom of Siam ( present day Thailand ) all the way towards the southern part of Siam reaching as far as Malaysia. The beach of Hua Hin has enjoyed a solid reputation as the seaside resort town of Siam, where visitors came and enjoyed swimming, golf and fishing.

The rise of Hua Hin came with the opening of the Railway hotel after its completion of the southern line. Elegant victorian style structures on the shore with vast rooms, private verandah and lounges to accommodate weekend visitors.

Consequently, Hua Hin gradually shot to fame and became one of the sought after destinations, frequently visited by aristocrats from different parts of the country. Al though, badly affected by the World War II, Hua Hin managed to recover.

Today, Hua Hin is undoubtedly a holiday destination of international stature. Despite its amazing growth and development as a splendid tourist destination, Hua Hin still continues to be a peaceful sanctuary, maintaining rich as well as royal Thai roots.